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Many people work on the forums. The forum staff can be relied upon to provide accurate and precise information in relation to the forums, as well as their game of specialty (they however cannot help you with or fix any technical issues with the games; such as lost currency, direct issues with your account or with banning people in the games). Some moderators and Administrators choose to hide their online status to reduce the amount of attention they receive from other forum members.

Game Moderators

Game moderator's main responsibility is to look after a forum section pertaining to a particular game as represented by their titles (they do have moderator abilities across all forums though in case of emergency). In their sections of responsibility, game moderators have the ability to delete, merge, move and sticky threads and posts, but a game moderator'a main role is to act as a "representative" (or "brand ambassador") of their community and game and have gained their positions by being helpful within their game community over a period of time. Game moderators are identifiable by their purple name colours in posts and on the online list.

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Community Moderators.

Community Moderators have the responsibility of looking over the forum as a whole, and quelling any potential problems before they arise. They have the usual abilities that are explained above for Game Moderators, but they also have the ability to ban other users, infract and warn other users; and access a set of forum management tools known as the Moderator Control Panel. Community Moderators have gained their positions for being helpful over a considerable period of time and due to the more sensitive tasks that Community Moderators are entrusted with, they must be trustworthy. Community Moderators are identifiable by the dark-blue names on the online list and in their posts.

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Super Moderators .

Super Moderators, like Community Moderators; have the responsibility of looking over the forum as a whole -- however their position is much more of a management role. Super Moderators are only added at the discretion of the Forum Administrators due to the tasks that they are entrusted with. When no Administrators or Playdom Community Managers are available, the Super Moderators generally, are the ones in charge. The Super Moderators also act as mentors for the rest of the forum staff; including the Forum Administrators, should it be required. Super Moderators can be identified by their orange names on the online list, and in their posts.

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Playdom Community Managers.

Playdom Community Managers are Playdom representatives on the forum that oversee the community management of each of the games. Having Administrative abilities on the forum, Playdom Community Managers have the ability to do things such as create new forum sections and subforums and they have access to the Admin Control Panel where they can fine-tune forum settings. Generally, what the Playdom Community Managers say is final; unless of course a Forum Administrator says otherwise. Playdom Community Managers are identifiable by the dark green names in their posts, and on the online list. It is also worth mentioning that the Playdom Community Managers are not online regularly over the weekends or other public holidays (in the US)

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Forum Administrators.

Forum Administrators oversee the management of the entire Playdom Community as a whole and as such, not all of their time is spent on the forums. The forum Administrators are first in the chain-of-command, and what they say is final. Forum Administrators are identified by red in their posts, and on the online list. Like Playdom Community Managers, Forum Administrators are rarely online over the weekends and public holidays (in the US).

Though there are more accounts with the title "Forum Administrator", these two are the main Forum Administrators:
Other Groups

The other groups on the forum include "Developers" and "Playdom QA" -- these guys are Playdom employees, however they are not part of the Community Team and their main role is not on the forums. These guys have registered here for the purpose of communicating directly with the game's community. There are only a couple of games that have Developers or QA's posting in their communities, but you should still speak with the Playdom Community Managers or Administrators (or use the Support Channel) if you are wanting assistance on the forum, as the abilities of the Developers and Playdom QA accounts are limited on the forum.

Post Ranks

The following are the known post ranks on the forum. Don't take this seriously, as regardless of your post rank, you will still have the same permissions on the forum -- and the staff can just as easily revoke a rank if you have spammed the forum to achieve it. Here is the list:
  • New Member - Default rank when a new member first registers on the forums. Or by having under 25 forum posts.
  • Bronze Member - Gained by having between 25 and 74 posts
  • Silver Member - Gained by having between 75 and 199 posts.
  • Gold Member - Gained by having between 200 and 799 posts.
  • Platinum Member - Gained by having between 800 and 1,999 posts.
  • Diamond Member - Gained by having 2000+ posts.
You may notice that some forum members have different post titles then the listed above. Most of these members are from the Sorority Life community, who where able to transfer their custom titles over to this forum when they merged here. The Mobsters forum members were also given the same opportunity when they merged here.

  • Banned
All people who have been banned on the forums are automatically placed into this group.

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