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There are two different methods of sending messages directly to other users on the forum, this is Visitor Messaging, and Private Messaging. The maximum limit for stored private messages on the forum is 100 (this takes into account stored sent messages). There is no limit for the number of Visitor Messages you can store.

Visitor Messaging.

Visitor Messaging, or VM's, refer to messages left on peoples public profile pages. Visitor Messages have the advantage of them being more easier to send to other users then Private Messages. They are however; not suitable for private conversation as everyone can see them. Visitor messages must also be kept short due to character limits. You have a limited use of the BBCode with visitor messages, also.

Sending Visitor Messages

To send another user a visitor message, simply click on their profile username. If they have Visitor Messaging enabled, you will see the above at the top of the page. Simply type in the message in the text area that you would like to send to the user, then click "Post Message".

Private Messaging.

Private messaging, or PM's, refer to the sending of messages directly to other users in a private, one on one manner. Unlike VM's, PM's cannot be viewed by anyone other then you. To view your PM's, click the "Notifications" link at the top of the page and from the drop down, click the "Inbox" link.

Sending Private Messages

To send a Private Message to a particular user, click on their name and to the left hand side of their profile page, you will see this:

The link you are wanting is the "Send Private Message" link. Clicking this link will take you to this page:

The "Recipient Users" field indicates the users who you are sending the message to. You want this to list the user (this is automatically filled). Additional users can be added to the recipient list by putting a semi-colon (';') in-between the usernames.

The "Title" is what the Private Message will show up as to the recipient user/s.

Then of course you have the message field. Fill this out with all the information you need to send to the user/s, as it is what they will read when they click the link to open your message. The BBCode can be used in full in PM too, so use formatting to your advantage if it is required.

The Post icon is the icon that will show beside your PM on the receivers end.

To send the PM, scroll to the bottom of the PM page, and then click the "Submit Message" button.

Your Inbox

Your inbox can be found by clicking the "Notifications" link at the top of the page, and then by clicking the "Inbox" link from the drop-down menu. Your inbox will/may look like the following:

You will have two default folders, your inbox, and your Sent Items. Your Inbox is where all your PM's are stored, where as your Sent Items are where all sent messages are stored for your reference. You have the option of creating new folders by going to the Edit Folders link, should you feel the need to.

- This Icon indicates that you have replied to this PM.

- This icon indicates that you have read the PM, but you haven't replied to it.

- This icon indicates that you have NOT read this PM.

- This icon indicates that you have forwarded this PM to another forum member.

Deleting your Private Messages

There are a couple of ways to do this. One such way is to scroll to the very bottom of your inbox page and click the "(Empty Folder)" link--this will mass delete all of your PM's located in that folder, what this means is that if you want to completely clean your PM inbox, is that you will need to do the same for your "Sent Items" folder, as well as any others. The second way you can delete your Private Messages is to use the check-boxes located beside your PM index, scroll down to and click the button that says "Selected Messages", select the "Delete" option then hit the "Proceed" button.

Custom Folders

In your inbox screen, to create custom folders; simply click the Edit Folders link! From here, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to where it says "Add New Folders", simply fill out the text fields with the name of the new folders you would like, then click the "Save Changes" button. To remove a custom folder, remove the name of the folder in the "Your Custom Folders" section, then click save.

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