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Forum Registration

Like most online discussion forums, you will need to register before you can post. To register on the forum, click the registration link located at the top-right of the forum. This is outlined in the following image:

When you click the register link, the first page you see will look something like this:

Simply select your date of birth and click the "Proceed" button. REMEMBER: you MUST be 13 years or older in order to register an account on this forum, per the Terms of Service which is linked in the first section.

After filling out your date of birth, click the proceed button; you will then be able to fill out your information on the next page, as seen in the following image:

Your "User Name" is the name that identifies YOU on the forum! Your username must be unique (in other words, it mustn't already be in use by another forum member), and it must not be inappropriate for this forum.

Your "Password" is your login accompanying your User Name. Make sure your password is complex, but so you can remember it!

Your "Email Address" must be a valid email address that YOU use! You will need to use this to confirm your forum account. NOTE: It is recommended that you DON'T use Hotmail for your account registration as it is not very reliable and it often disposes of confirmation emails from websites, mistaking them for spam. Instead, use Gmail as this is a more reliable email provider.

Now, onto the next part...

These two questions have been put in place in order to detour spambots and automatic registrations. There have been many complaints about the questions, but they aren't really that hard if you think about them. If you still can't work them out, here's some clues:

How Many Oranges?:
2 x 2 x 1.5 = ?

How Many Apples?:
12 - 6 + 3 = ?

Both of these can be answered by using a basic calculator! When entering the answers into their respective fields above, if one format doesn't work; try using a different format. So for example, if straight numbers (1 2 3) don't work, try wording them (one two three), or putting an "X" in front of the number (X1 X2 X3 or Xone Xtwo Xthree).

The Additional Information below the questions are optional and are not really needed to make the forum work, unless if you want to put someone as your referrer. This information can be altered later on if you wish

To complete the registration, scroll down to the bottom of the registration screen, tick the box "I have read, and agree to abide by the Playdom Community Forum rules" then hit the "Complete Registration" button. You will then be redirected and logged into your account. However, your account will need to be confirmed. To do this, check the email account of the email address that you used to register with. If your confirmation email is not there, send a PM to one of the moderators and they will pass a note along to the Administrators so that they can manually confirm your account.

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