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Forum Rules

Like any forum, there are rules and guidelines accompanying what you can and cannot do on the forum. Don't be scared though--like on any other forum on the internet, common sense prevails and if you don't do anything out of the ordinary and just act civil; you will have nothing to worry about. Here is a description on each of the rules:

Do not post any obscene or inappropriate language; including hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or homophobic speech or imagery.

This rule covers basic forum etiquette on what you can and cannot post. The forum is a family friendly and family oriented environment, so curse-words are not allowed to be used AT ALL--this means words that have been censored ("******") or the use of symbols (%#$@) to represent such words are also not allowed on the forums. Altering words as a means of getting around the profanity filter is also not acceptable.

Do not post derogatory comments or attacks against other people or groups.

This rule covers general forum conduct with other members on the forum. Attacks against other people are not acceptable on this forum, at all. Keep in mind though that it is acceptable to disagree with someone else's opinion in a civil manor (no rude comments, profanity, etc)

Do not post nudity, overtly sexual images or speech, and hate symbols of any kind.

This covers anything related to revealing images or pornography, as well as any pictures or imagery that depict hateful messages; implied or intended. These sorts of things are obviously not acceptable on this forum let alone any other forum on the internet.

Please use the search or tag search before posting. Chances are a thread or post already exists. If you can't find what you need then feel free to post.

Posting duplicate threads or posts all over the place when a thread or post already exist are grounds for warnings or infractions. The search feature can be found by going here and is explained further down in this guide.

Please create new threads in the appropriate forum, and use a descriptive title. Thread locations and titles may be changed by the staff to more accurately reflect the topic being discussed.

Constantly posting threads outside the appropriate forum is grounds for warnings or infractions. The use of non-descriptive thread titles can result in them being changed by the staff to better reflect the topic that is being discussed. Advice on naming threads is provided further down in this guide.

Do not make repeated or nearly identical posts. Spam will not be tolerated. Also, be advised that posting randomly for the sake of raising post count will also not be tolerated

This rule covers the creation of duplicate threads on the same subject in multiple areas of the forum. This rule also covers the making of spam posts just as a means of boosting your post count, which is not acceptable--this forum isn't about upping your post count!

Do not advertise, promote, or discuss non Playdom sanctioned games, services, referrals, contests, websites or commercial enterprises.

This is a big one! This rule covers the promotion of non-Playdom sanctioned games that DIRECTLY compete with Playdom exclusively on social networking websites. This does not mean that games that are available on consoles, hand-held devices, or PC's are not up for discussion as these games are perfectly fine to discuss in the Off Topic areas. Also, several companies, such as EA Games; produce games for consoles as well as social networks -- these are also fine to discuss in Off Topic areas. Any mention of other game companies that produce games exclusively for social networks are not acceptable to discuss on this forum and will be edited on sight. This rule also covers anything related to general advertising of external websites that are not endorsed by Playdom.

Do not promote illegal or adult 18+ substances or activities; including illicit drugs, prostitution, alcohol, and tobacco. Discussion is permitted only in regards to in-game content, this is the only exception.

This is pretty self explanatory due to the fact that this forum must be held at a family oriented level. In-game content is the only exception where 18+ content may be discussed. For example, a loot item in Mobsters is a "Poppy Harvest"; but discussing such that is not in relation to the game is not acceptable. Also, do not think this means that the use of imagery as a forum avatar or signature, that is from the game; is acceptable if the said imagery is inappropriate in normal circumstances.

Do not post social network ID numbers within the forum body unless asked to by a moderator or Playdom Community Manager. Please keep all social network ID numbers within your forum profile details or signature.

This is also pretty self explanatory--this means that, unless of a Moderator or Playdom Community Manager asks you to; social network URL's should not be posted anywhere other then the designated Add Me areas of the forum. As the rule states, you are welcome to include your social network ID(s) in your signature.

Do not post or ask for information about bots, macros, cheats or hacks of Playdom games. This also includes links to sites that may indirectly promote such programs. Similarly, talk about your personal use of such items, or discussion of unreleased content (in other words, content that cannot be obtained by standard means), is also forbidden.

This rule covers the discussion of automated programs in the games, as well as unreleased content that may exist within the games themselves.

Do not discuss or promote actions that may violate Playdom's Terms of Service agreement, Privacy Policy, or the Terms of Service agreement(s) or Privacy Policy(s) of any of our partners (this includes any social network on which Playdom applications are hosted).

This rule covers the discussion of anything that may be in violation of the Playdom Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. As well as the discussion of anything that may be in violation of the Social Network's Terms of Service(s) - for example, discussion of or promoting multiple Facebook accounts is not acceptable on these forums as the Facebook ToS forbids this.

Do not impersonate any Playdom employee or the volunteer moderators.

Self explanatory. This covers the impersonation of forum staff members which is totally unacceptable. This will more then likely result in an instant permanent banning from the forum. Impersonation or posing as Playdom Employees is also not acceptable.

Do not discuss private messages nor disclose Moderator actions in our forums. If you have a dispute with a player or moderator, please contact your game's Community Manager or a Community Administrator. You may also file a complaint with our support staff at

This rule covers the discussion of moderator action on the public forum. What this basically means is that if you have an issue with an action that a Moderator has taken against you, is that you are to take it up a Forum Administrator or Playdom Community Manager and not post about it on the forums (A list of Forum Admins and Playdom Community Managers can be found further down in this guide). If no Playdom Community Manager or Forum Administrators are around (such as on a weekend), you should address the issue with a Super Moderator.

Make sure your signature conforms with the forum's Signature Rules.

This means that your signature must strictly follow with the Signature Size rules. This is explained more in-depth further down in the guide.

Do not create multiple forum accounts or share your forum account with any other user. Each forum member is allowed only one account.

The creation of more the one forum account is unacceptable! Each forum member is permitted to use only one forum account.

Playdom Terms of Service

The second official document which can lead to warnings or infractions to users on the forum who breach it. The Terms of Service is the legal agreement that is agreed to upon registering to the forums, or by playing the games. Link:

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is not an official rule-set, but it sets the overall tone and 'feel' of the forum in regards to what is and isn't acceptable on the forum.

The forums are a place to ask game related questions, get assistance from other players, share ideas and tips for the best strategies and make new friends! This is the official spot for suggestions and ideas as well.

Before you start reading and contributing to the threads, please make sure you take a moment to read our forum Code of Conduct.

1. Practice the Golden Rule.
All members of this forum should respect the opinions and presence of other members here. You can disagree and engage in a debate, but rudeness, name-calling, cursing, etc. will not be tolerated.

2. Respect the forum.
This is a space for you as much as it's a space for us to listen and exchange ideas with our users. Please don't spam and please be constructive with your thoughts. If you're very upset about some aspect of the game, write out what's happening and what you would like to see changed. Ranting doesn't improve the situation, and spoils the mood/tone of the forum for everyone.

3. Respect the staff/moderators
The staff and moderators are here to facilitate conversations and communicate with the developers. Our moderators are here in their free time to help answer questions and well, moderate. Respect them. If your post has been re-categorized or your account has been restricted, please do not write derogatory posts or responses to the moderators. Private message the forum administrator and resolve the issue that way. Again, our goal is to keep a positive, fun forum.

4. Doing the following will get you banned immediately & irreversibly:

* Cursing and using foul language (in any language or symbols &$*@)
* Using multiple accounts, user-names, etc. One person = one account
* Spam
* Any posting of warez, illegal cheat codes/sites, etc.
* Facebook users need to be at least 13 years of age to play Playdom games through Facebook and to write on this forum.
* General bullying
* Anything that can be deemed as illegal under your local law as well as those of California and the United States.

5. Signature Rules:
The dimensions of any signature on the forum must be no greater than 468 x 60. Any signature that is larger than this size may be removed by the moderators.

I won't go through anything relating to the Code of Conduct as this is all pretty self explanatory.

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