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This section covers the search feature, the creation of new threads, posting in existing threads as well as reporting posts.

The Search Feature

The forum search feature can be found at the top of the forum, no matter what you are viewing on the forum.

To use, simply type what you are wanting to search for then hit the Enter key, or click the icon.

Advanced Search

To access the advanced search, look below the search bar; you will see a link titled "Advanced Search" -- clicking this link will bring you to the following page:

Now, in the advanced search; you can either search "Single Content Type", or "Multiple Content Types" - content types being either "Posts", "Forums", or "Visitor Messages". In the "Search For" section, put in the keywords you are wanting to search for and then click "Search Now". In the "Single Content Type" search, if you are searching posts; there is the option of displaying the search results as threads or posts. Searching using the "Multiple Content Types" will always display the results as "threads".

Tag Search and Tagging Threads

You can also use the tag search to search for threads which have the specified tags in them. It is strongly recommended that you use the tags feature when creating new threads as it makes it easier for others to find your content, if they require it, using the search feature.

It is possible to tag threads by scrolling to the bottom of a thread and clicking the "Add/Edit Tags" button, as seen below:

In the screen, you will notice a text box. Simply type the tags here, then click "Save Changes."

Section-Specific Search

Aside from the forum-wide search, it is possible to search specific sections and even subforums of the forum. You will notice something similar to the following image when viewing forum sections and subforums:

To search the forum sections, simply go to "Search Forum", then type in the keywords; choose either "Show Threads" or "Show Posts" then hit "Search. You can also use the advanced search to search for content within a section--this has been explained above.

Posting new threads.

Posting new threads is easy! Any subforum where new threads can be posted will have a button titled "Post New Thread":

Simply click this button and you will be taken to a page where you can fill-out and format your thread. The "Title" is the title of the thread that will appear when someone is viewing the topic index in a subforum, so make sure to be brief but specific! For example, if you are asking for help in regards to a certain mission in a game; be specific. "*mission name* - please help!" would be an appropriate title. "please help" or "help" would be too broad. More people look at threads with specific, descriptive titles as opposed to generic titles.

In the message body, you should format your post as appropriate. If you are asking the community for their opinion on a subject, go as far as to include your opinion on the subject too! It adds to the discussion and direction of your thread. Similarly, if you are writing a guide; use the formatting tools to split your post up! Nobody likes to look at huge walls of text.

Posting replies to threads.

To reply to threads, you simply need to be located within a thread. In a thread that isn't closed, you will see a "Post Reply" button at the bottom of the thread:

To reply to the thread, click this button, type your reply and then click the "Post Quick Reply" button. If you are wanting extra formatting options, simply click the "Go Advanced" button, then type and format your post. Once you hit the reply button, your post will appear in the thread. Remember! It is the "Reply To Thread" button, not the red triangle.

Another way to reply to posts is to use the "Reply With Quote" link, located at the bottom of other member's posts:

On your posts also; to add additional information to them, use the edit link! It saves you making multiple posts in a row in a single thread--this can be considered spam, which is explained in the first section of this guide.

One thing worth noting when posting replies to threads or posting new threads, is that if you come across the following page:

It usually means one of two things:

- You haven't activated your forum account by clicking on the activation link within your confirmation email -- this means that you must activate your forum account. if you didn't receive your confirmation email, send a PM to one of the Moderators.

- You are trying to post a new thread in a section where the creation of new threads has been disabled -- This means that the posting of new threads (and sometimes replies) has been disabled in the subforum where you are trying to post. Some subforums don't allow posting of new threads or posts in them; whereas others only allow replies to be posted in threads. If you are trying to post in a subforum where posting has been disabled, either post in a thread within the subforum that pertain to the topic, or post in one of the existing threads in relation to your issue.

Reporting Posts.

If you have come across a post that may be problematic, needs looking at or is in violation of the forum rules; outlined in the first post, then you can use the report posts button! This is located at the bottom left of a members post -- it is the red triangle that looks something like this:

To report the post, simply click this button, then you fill out the reason as to why you are reporting the post that you are reporting. Be specific! If you are reporting spam, just say "spam" and then leave it. If you are reporting unreleased content: say that it is unreleased content, then provide a link that proves this so. There is also no need to PM a Moderator relating to problematic posts, as that is what the report posts feature is for.

When you report a post, it sends the Moderators a notification under your name stating that the post has been reported, along with the reason why it was reported. All moderators will see the report as we check up on all reports on a daily basis.

Also, when reporting posts, there is no need to post in the thread saying that you reported it! This is spam. Just report the post, and let the moderators deal with it. If another member is arguing with you and attacking you for example, just report the offending posts and ignore the user. Getting involved yourself can result in warnings or infractions on your part, and it creates more unnecessary work for the staff.

You should take note to report stuff that are obvious rule violations; such as spam, attacks against other members, inappropriate language, unreleased content, etc. Reporting a thread, requesting it to be closed, unless if it is you that created the thread; will not necessarily mean that the thread will be closed (unless if the thread in question is becoming troublesome.)

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