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Welcome to the Playdom Community Forums -- New Members Guide! Not too sure about how something works on the forum? Or how to use a certain feature on the forum? Then you have come to the right guide! This guide is the ultimate all-in-one guide that explains how the forum works. Topics covered in this thread include how to post new threads, how to send private messages, how to format your posts and how to edit your signature. Also in this guide is a comprehensive list of staff members grouped by rank and their specialty, a break-down on the forum rules and what they mean and the explanation of a typical layout of each section has!

This is a rather long guide, so use the contents list below to find what you are looking for! The benefit of this version of the new members guide is that you do not have to scroll through multiple pages to find what you are looking for. Each section can be found on its own page. The
original guide will always be available for viewing.


Here are some of the people who have contributed to the making of this guide.

  • Matt-H is responsible for the layout and information provided throughout this guide.
  • The other Super Moderators: Valendaria, Godfather Bill and Mendokusai Sennin; and the Forum Administrators, El Guapo and Gaia; have all contributed to the editing and proof reading of this guide as it was written. AngieDawn also assisted with minor corrections.
  • There are several forum members who have contributed to the ideas of certain sections located throughout this guide. They will know who they are, there are too many to list here.
Please do note that content from the guide is still been transferred over here, so please be aware that some stuff may not be fully formatted properly.

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