Though not EVERY game has the same forum structure, this should give you a general idea on how each of the game forums are organized and structured. The word "game" is used as a placeholder word in each of the descriptions, so simply just substitute the word "game" for the name of the game/s that you play. Here are some terms that you should come familiar with in relation to the forums:
  • Sections - These are the forums that pertain to the games. For example, Gardens of Time is a section. More Playdom Games can also be considered a section, with forums located there being "sub-sections".
Typical Subforums

A typical forum (section) layout looks as follows--do note that different communities use different layouts from the one displayed below:

  • Announcements - This is where all important news and announcements relating to a particular game and community are announced. These announcements are usually posted by the Playdom Community Manager for that particular game, or the Forum Administrators if it concerns the whole forum.
  • Getting Started - The getting started subforums are used as a means to ask for general help in relation to the game that it pertains to. The name of this subforum isn't to be taken literally; this means that all "how do I do this?" type questions should be posted in here.
  • Tutorials and Guides - The Tutorials and Guides subforum contains in-depth user created guides and tutorials for the game that it pertains to. The threads in these subforums should usually answer all general questions relating to the game.
  • Technical Support - These sections are for player-to-player support on issues relating to the game. It is important to note that all official support requests are handled through the Playdom Support website, and not on the forums.
  • Suggestions and Ideas - Have a suggestion to make in regards to the game? Then this subforum is the place to post in to get your ideas heard, as well as get feedback on the idea or suggestion that you are making. All feedback; good or bad, relating to a particular game should be posted in these subforums, also.
  • General Discussion - This is for general discussion relating to the game that doesn't fit in any other category.
  • Off Topic Discussion - Any discussion that doesn't relate to the game is off topic, which means that it should be posted here. Off Topic sections do not count towards a users total post count.
  • Add Me/Find Friends - After allies, neighbors, friends, etc for the game? Then leave your Facebook/Social Network URL in here.

List of Playdom's Games

Here is a list of current and former games owned by Playdom. The current games will also have listed beside them; their genre/s.

Current Games

Former Games
  • (Lil) Farm Life
  • Lil Green Patch
  • Fanglies
  • Tiki Resort
  • Big City Life
  • Fish Friends
  • Pet Resort
  • Bloodlines
  • Mobsters: Overdrive
  • Verdonia
  • Tiki Farm