Before you freak out, yes there are several bugs that affect the forum, here is a list of known bugs that have been reported and are being worked on. This will be updated progressively as/if new bugs are found.
  • The Multi-Quote button doesn't show up in posts! It is still there however, but it is "invisible". It is located beside the "Reply With Quote" button, see below image.

  • Several post icons do not show up in the thread index in subforums. It doesn't look very pretty, but this is a bug that is currently being worked on. There is unfortunately no way around this currently.

  • The Edit Profile link, from within the "Settings" page, comes up with a blank page - thankfully, there is a way around most of this. Simply clicking on your forum link (from the online list, for example) and clicking on the "About Me" tab, you can edit your profile details by using the located beside the details to edit them. This is another bug that has been reported and is being worked on.
  • From time-to-time, when viewing the forums online list, or viewing someones profile page, or when viewing your PM's; a blank white page may appear. This isn't as common as it once was; but it is known just incase if someone wonders why this is happening. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. If this happens though, try refreshing the page; or try going to the index page then re-entering the page you where trying to access.