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The "Settings" link at the top right of the forum page allows you to change many things in relation to your forum account.

My Profile

Edit Profile - This is where you would go in order to change your profile information. There is however a bug which doesn't allow users on this forum to do so, this is a known bug; and a fix is currently being worked out. Click here for more details.

Edit Profile Picture - This allows you to edit your forum profile picture that appears under your name on your profile page. Click here for more details. The maximum size constraints for your profile picture is 64 kilobytes, which is plenty for any profile picture.

Edit Avatar - This allows you to edit your forum avatar that appears under your name in forum posts. Click here for more details. There are size constraints with uploading your avatar from a URL or directly to the forum, but 19.5 kilobytes is plenty for any avatar.

Edit Signature - This allows you to edit your forum signature that appears underneath your posts. Click here for more details. To edit, simply click on the link from the "Settings" page, simply use the formatting controls to edit your signature. It is not recommended that you upload your signature images to the forum due to the size constraints that are in place.

Profile Privacy

If you are on Facebook, then this should be familiar to you. This allows you to control who see's your forum profile information. From the options, you can select from the following:
  • "Everyone" -- this means everyone, including guests, can see this information.
  • "Registered Members" -- only members who are registered on the forum can view this information.
  • "Your Contacts" -- only people on your contact list on the forum can view this information, and
  • "Your Friends" -- only people who are on your friends list on the forum will be able to see the information.
Forum Staff can obviously see all profile information of every forum member regardless of that particular members settings.

My Account

Edit Email and Password

This link allows you to change your email and password for your forum account. If you are wanting to change anything on this page, you will need to put in your old password -- this is a security measure in case someone else accesses your forum account and attempts to change the password. If you are changing your email address, you will need to confirm it; so make sure that it is a valid email address that you use.

General Settings - This is your general settings page on the forum that enables you to control how your account operates, to an extent of course.

The "Invisible Mode" allows you to choose whether you appear online on the online list, or whether you appear hidden. This can be good if you frequently receive messages from other users whilst you are online, or if you don't want to be noticed. All forum staff are able to see users who are hidden, so don't think that you can use this as a method of trying to circumvent staff attention. Period!

The Download vCard allows you to choose whether other users on the forum can download a document that contains your email address and forum username. This isn't recommended if you like to keep your email address private.

The other important details on this page are whether you want to choose to turn VM's and PM's off, or not. These settings can be found under the "Messaging and Notification" section. You can choose whether you receive a popup when you receive a new PM also, which is very handy if you want to easily know if someone has sent a new PM you.

Under "Thread Display Options", you can use the drop-down menus to change the settings for how threads are displayed. I strongly recommend that you keep these at the default settings unless if you know what each setting does.

The "Date and Time Options" allow you to change the timezone which the forum post-time shows as. This isn't really necessary to make the forum work properly. I have my timezone set to PST, for example, so I can keep track of what day/time it is over in the US (where Playdom is located)

The next important options are under the "Miscellaneous" section:

The message editor interface allows you to choose the type of editor that you use on the forum.
  • The Enhanced Editor gives you the formatting controls, however; the good thing about the enhanced editor is that you don't see the BBCode tags, as everything is properly formatted as you are posting. Lists are also easier to create when using this editor, also. Do note; this editor will not work with all browsers.
  • The Stranded Editor gives you the formatting controls for your post as described here. Unlike the enhanced editor, you will see the BBCode tags when you are formatting your posts.
  • The Basic Editor gives you a basic text editor only, with no formatting controls. If you are wanting to format your posts whilst using this editor, you will need to manually enter the appropriate BBCode tags.
Edit Ignore List - The ignore list allows you to make it so that a certain users posts don't show up in threads, and so that they cannot contact you. USE THIS feature if someone is annoying you, do NOT get involved with it as that risks you getting into trouble too! See the first section of this guide for details.

The above screen is divided into two parts; your Ignore List, which is located at the top of the page, and below it is the function to add people to your ignore list. To add someone to your ignore list, simply get their forum username and copy/paste it into the "User Name" field and click the "Okay" button. The name you specified will be added to your ignore list. To remove someone from your ignore list, simply uncheck the box beside their name and then click the "Save Changes" button.


Friends and Contacts - This lists the other forum members who you have on your friends list. From here, you are also able to remove people you don't want from your friends list. DO NOTE: This list is not your Facebook friends list, and you cannot send game invites to people on this list.

Event Reminders - This lists your event reminders on the forum.


Attachments - This lists your attachments that you have uploaded to the forum. From here, you are able to remove them by simply checking the tick-boxes beside the attachments, scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking the "Delete Selected" button. You can view the post and thread of which you have put the attachment into from this page, also.

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