Though the forums are good for player-to-player support, issues such as ingame bans, currency issues and other account specific issues can only be addressed by Playdom Support. This section aims to explain how to submit a support ticket, as well as fill out the support form.

Finding the Playdom Support page

The support page can be found by going to this link: - As you can see when loading up the page, you are presented with a welcome message as well as as a search bar, and a list of games that are featured on Playdom Support. Before you proceed, search! Chances are, an issue for your game has a featured article, and there is no need to send in a support ticket if an issue is known.

Submitting a Support Ticket

Haven't found the answer to your problem? OK, it is time to submit a support ticket.

Before you can file a support ticket, you will need to log in to your account, or if you don't have one; sign up for a account. It is important to note that the accounts on the forum are NOT integrated with Support, and that you will need to register a separate account on Playdom in order to file a support ticket.

Once you are logged in, to file a support ticket, click the "Ask a Question" link on the Support Page, as outlined in the following image:

You will then be taken to the following page:

Be sure to fill out this page as in-depth as possible!

The "Subject" is pretty self explanatory! Just as you would sending an email to someone, type in what the subject is. For example, if I was filing a support ticket in regards to a player using cheats in Wild Ones, I would name the Subject "Found cheater in Wild Ones" or "Found hacker in Wild Ones".

The "Question" field shouldn't be taken literally. This doubles as the "Description" field in most cases. Be as detailed as possible, the more that Technical Support know about the issue, the quicker that they can pin-point the issue or investigate it. If you are sending in a support request in relation to a player cheating in a game, then include the violators Social Network URLs, emails, screenshots of them using cheats, etc--if possible.

The "Product" is the game that your inquiry is related to. It is a drop-down menu so make sure you select the appropriate game for your support inquiry.

The "Category" is another drop-down menu -- this determines the main category the inquiry is put in for that particular game. Selecting a category will also bring up another menu list called "Subcategory" that fit into the main category selection. Make sure you select the correct category for your issue.

The "Platform" is the social network or website that a particular game is on. If I was reporting a cheater on Gardens of Time on Facebook, I would select Facebook as my platform, for example.

The "Social Network ID#" refers to your social network ID of the platform that you are on. This is really only required if you are inquiring about an account specific issue relating to your account.

Once you have all of the fields filled out, click the green "Continue" button to file your support ticket!

Following up on Support Requests

Support requests can be followed up by clicking the "Your Account" tab on the Support page.

Support Status

Support tickets are designated several "Support Statuses" based on the response (if any) given by Playdom Support:
  • Solved - Means that the support ticket sent has been looked at and reviewed by the appropriate people, but this does not mean that the issue has necessarily been resolved.
  • Waiting - The support ticket has been replied to, but it is waiting for a response from the player who sent the support ticket.
  • Unresolved - The support ticket has been sent and put in a waiting list. Support tickets are usually replied to from within 48 - 72 hours of support receiving them.