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Warnings and Infractions are given to users who break the forum rules. Do note that this isn't something that happens as often as some may think.

- A yellow card represents a warning. This is normally given for a first offense, or for minor rule violations. Warnings carry no points and simply serve as a reminder to follow the forum rules.

- A red card represents an infraction. Infractions are given for major violations of the forum rules, or repeat violations of the forum rules. Infractions, unlike warnings, carry points. Most infractions given carry single points which expire after 10 days, however there are exceptions where infractions may carry more points if the extent of a rule violation is bad enough.

Where to find your Infractions or warnings

To find your warnings and infractions, you can either go to your forum profile, and click the "Infractions" tab located there, or you can go to the "My Settings" page. You will also see the warnings or infractions that have been reversed, or those that have expired, on these two pages. If you haven't received any infractions or warnings, you will not have an infractions tab on your profile page.

You will know when you receive a warning or infraction as you will receive a PM in relation to it. It will describe the reason as to why you received the warning or infraction (the rule broken). It is expected that, upon receiving a warning or infraction; that you learn from it. Not following the rules after an infraction increases the chances of you receiving a ban for repeatedly not following the forum rules.

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