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Deep Realms Shutting Its Doors
Playdom have announced that what is probably one of the best role-playing games on Facebook; Deep Realms, will be shutting down on the 18th of January next year. This certainly comes as a shock to many players and internal people to Playdom alike, both sources of which often cite Deep Realms as being their "favourite Playdom game" out of their recent releases. Many players are not happy with the decision to shut down this game.

"The coolest Facebook game is Deep Realms, so no need to shut it down. We love to play this game!" - one player says.

"They just shut down Social city! So I don't think this one will survive either. Playdom are total twat's!!" - another more disgruntled player says.

Deep Realms started out reasonably popular, being released alongside Gardens of Time, another Playdom game. However, the fact that Deep Realms wasn't able to sustain its popularity has led to its downfall, finishing its lifecycle at a measly 80,000 monthly active users. Facebook maybe just isn't the place to attract a following for a more in-depth RPG style of game.

Many players have already received a message in the game informing them that the game would be shutting down, stating that they are "saddened" to be shutting down the game and that their decision would "allow them to focus on developing and building more exciting games in the future. Unfortunately, as with other games being shut down; premium currency brought will not be refunded.

This news comes as Playdom announced the closure of Social City and ESPN College Town only a few weeks ago.
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