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Disney’s Playdom Publishes Spry Fox's Triple Town
Seeking a larger audience to play its game, Spry Fox has formed a partnership with Disney’s Playdom to publish its social game Triple Town on Facebook, starting this week which will involve Playdom handling support for the game, as well as community management; on behalf Spry Fox.

Spry Fox has stated that it will retain all creative authority over the game, and added that, going forward, it won’t have to worry about acquiring new users or figuring out how to run advertising campaigns.

In a statement, Spry Fox said: "Our games have reached millions of users, but never concurrently. We have constantly worried about our ability to scale without major service interruptions or other related problems … We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from [Playdom] and lean on them.

”The idea of publishing third-party content is not new in the world of gaming, but it is for Disney’s Playdom. It said while it sees an opportunity to leverage the creativity of independent developers, it will not be at the sacrifice of developing games internally.

Over the past year, Playdom has been struggling to keep up its development after they were acquired by Disney, but now the company says that it is back on track and has more than a dozen titles under development, including Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

"Playdom’s in-house development studios are still hard at work … but we also recognize that there are a lot of independent social game developers creating amazing new experiences, too,” the company said in a statement.

Spry Fox’s Triple Town, a puzzle game that challenges players to build cities by matching three or more of the same game pieces, has received some acclaim of its own. The trade magazine Gamezebo recently named it the best game of 2011.
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