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Game Informer Interview Dan Houser Regarding GTA V
It has now been nearly two months since the release of the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, though some would think it has been longer considering the fact that millions of Grand Theft Auto fans world wide are digging at the heels of Rockstar Games, begging for more information regarding Grand Theft Auto V.

Though many publications have featured the Grand Theft Auto V logo on their front covers, they have merely been trailer analysis' and speculation - despite them saying that they have "new information" regarding the game. Rockstar have been incredibly tight-lipped regarding Grand Theft Auto V, and Game Informer has been the only publication that has even been able to get any information out of Rockstar Games regarding Grand Theft Auto V; in an interview with Dan Houser.

"Game Informer: You just released the GTA V trailer. Can you talk about that project in any respect? Obviously, it looks like it's going back to San Andreas.

Dan Houser: I've got to be real careful here, or they will drag me through the office and whip me with barbwire. I will stick to exactly what's in the press release. It's Los Santos and the surrounding countryside - and a very big map."

By the looks of this statement, it would seem that Rockstar is still keeping incredibly tight-lipped regarding any specific details regarding the game, in fact - the platforms haven't even been announced yet (likely to be simultaneously for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sometime in 2012). But could this mean that we will see other cities and not just Los Santos? Only time will tell.
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