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Playdom Games Popularity Trends - 19/7
This is going to be a weekly update which is going to track the number of monthly active users each game by Playdom has, on Facebook.

Gardens of Time 15,473,068
Deep Realms
Wild Ones
NBA Dynasty (!) Closing!!137,744
City of Wonder
My Vineyard
Sorority Life
ESPNU College Town
Social City
Market Street (!) Closing!!
Mobsters 2: Vendetta
ESPN Sports Bar & Grill
Gnome Town



There is a lot of green on this list also, meaning that many apps have gained consecutive weeks of gains which is going to be important for the long-term survival of some of these apps. With that being said; it looks like that Gardens of Time is not having any problems what so ever! As predicted last week, Gardens of Time has surpassed the 15 million mark, becoming the first Playdom app to reach this number. This puts it at a direct competition with some of Zynga's more popular games, but with Gardens of Time gaining over half of Playdom's userbase; is Playdom relying too much on the numbers that Gardens of Time is raking in for them? Only in time will we find out.

Two games as of today were announced that they would be closing. Market Street will be closing in around 30 days time, while NBA Dynasty will be closing in around 60 days time. The reaction with both of these games were swift drops in their user counts. Market Street taking an 80 thousand downfall over the week. Wild Ones has also taken a rather significant hit over the week, coming down a further 45 thousand monthly active users, sending it below 4 million monthly active users.

Both the newbies; ESPN Sports Bar & Grill and Gnome Town, made rather significant gains over the week, coming up 25 thousand and 53 thousand over the week. Gnome Town is still in closed beta, so we haven't actually had the chance to play this game yet. But with a gain like what it achieved this week, it is certainly possible that it could catch on like Gardens of Time did, when it is fully released.

Bola has officially gone into freefall, dropping over 90 thousand monthly active users over the course of the week. It still remains above the 2 million mark, but only just; and if trends continue, Bola will soon drop below the 2 million monthly active users mark. The other gains on this list are less then impressive, failing the surpass and consolidate on the gains made at the end of last week. Strong, consecutive weeks will become important for the weaker apps such as Social City and Wild Ones if they are to fully flourish and succeed.
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