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Playdom Games Popularity Trends - 26/7
This is going to be a weekly update which is going to track the number of monthly active users each game by Playdom has, on Facebook.

Gardens of Time 15,731,129
Deep Realms
Wild Ones
NBA Dynasty (!) Closing!!117,132
City of Wonder
My Vineyard
Sorority Life
ESPNU College Town
Social City
Market Street (!) Closing!!
Mobsters 2: Vendetta
ESPN Sports Bar & Grill
Gnome Town



Last update of July before we move into another month! A lot of red is seen on this week's list, Market Street and Bola both saw hits of over 100k+ monthly active users, continuing their free-fall from last week. Market Street is already closing, so players of that game are likely making a mass exodus as would be expected. Bola has dropped below the 2 million mark, taking a rather nasty hit once again after a 92k loss last week.

Players are also leaving Wild Ones in their thousands, taking a 78k hit over the week -- this puts the game well below the 4 million monthly active user mark, but we are confident that this game will pick up once again and will regain what was lost over the last couple of weeks. Despite Social City being moved to a new team at its top level, it too has taken a hit of over 26k monthly active users.

Despite the losses, there have been some rather modest gains made over the last week. Gardens of Time as expected is continuing its massive growth, nearly reaching a very reachable target of 16 million monthly active users, having the largest growth once again this week. The two newest games, Gnome Town and ESPN Sports Bar & Grill, also made significant gains over the week.

With the above list, two 100k losses and other considerably large drops across other Playdom games, you would expect that the total trend would be in negative territory. This, surprisingly was not the case (we did the math! Add the trends up if you don't believe it!) Gnome Town, ESPN Sports Bar & Grill and Gardens of Time were enough to pull the total monthly active user count on Facebook into the green, but only just! This is a significant week though as this shows that even though Playdom can have these losses across the board, they can still pull through by the end in positive territory which shows that the company can endure the tough times, but complacency mustn't prevail.

The losses though, could be attributed to the fact that most of these games have been out for quite some time now, and the players are after something new, more refreshing; lets see if any of Playdom's upcoming new games will see the total monthly active users count go up!
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