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Rumoured GTA V release date; "March 9" (PSM3)
After the October fairy tale for Grand Theft Auto V – which is the likely release date that will happen, a new rumor-mill was taken from PSM3’s May issue claiming the highly anticipated open-world title will only arrive next year — March 9 to be exact.

As proof, we have a screenshot of the claim in question which can be seen above. On this page, it says: "It’s back to the sun-kissed streets of San Andreas for the latest in Rockstar’s seminal series, out 9 March”.

GTAForums has a nice thread talking about this leak, and most of its members are wondering if this "Out 9 March” means its launch date for 2013, or just a placeholder time for something else? As we all know, Rockstar likes to release GTA titles on Tuesday similar with San Andreas on October 26, 2004 or GTA IV on April 29, 2008. Then again, if you’ll look at the date of Max Payne 3, it will release on May 15 which is a Sunday on North America. So the day that March 9 falls on (Saturday) is hardly an indicator for a possible release date.

As hinted by Take-Two (Rockstar’s parent company) making a statement that while its fiscal Q3 for 2011 had gone sour, the outfit is still confident it’ll have the "most lucrative” fiscal year on 2013 suggesting GTA V might be their midas touch.

Again, just rumours - and this shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt until Rockstar announce a release date for the game.
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